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Our Process

Freedom Through Preparation

Our firm’s process is designed to specifically help clients visualize the path to reaching their financial goals. The LifeSpan Financial Partners team developed an educated, authentic and caring approach with a high-level of customized service to financial professionals and their clients for over three decades. We are excited to bring this knowledge, care and service to help their clients achieve their financial goals.

We listen to the concerns and needs of our clients and then meet as a team to collaboratively respond with researched information and care.

A Look Into Our Process

Our time-tested process consists of six steps that develop comprehensive strategies that help to enhance your personal and financial freedom:

  • Step One - Introduction: This pre-meeting stage is intended as a discussion about how you can establish a successful future with our team.

  • Step Two - Get to Know Each Other: We will utilize a series of questions that will help us to define your goals and potential solutions for you to be able to achieve them.

  • Step Three - Analyze Results: In this meeting, we will align your goals and options in order to maximize your quality of life with the proper preparation.

  • Step Four - Deep Dive: Together, we will investigate the full depth of your financial story so that we can completely understand your unique situation.

  • Step Five - Options & Instruments: We will present the best options to help you achieve your goals by using a vast array of products and services that fit your individual needs.

  • Step Six - Long-Term Partners: Even after your plan has been put into action, we will continue to meet annually in order to assess and adjust current plans with your ever-changing life. You can always count on us to be a resource for all of life’s challenges and changes.

If you feel that our process is something that could align well with the goals that you have for your future, set up an appointment today and we can get started on developing your unique financial plan.