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At LifeSpan Financial Partners, we pride ourselves on being completely accessible to any client anywhere in the United States that could benefit from our services. Although our primary physical offices are located in the Midwest, our goal is to have an untethered hybrid practice, which means that we have the ability to fully operate from anywhere that is convenient for our clients. We are proud to boast a number of partnerships across the nation that we already hold and frequently nurture. The modern enhancement of virtual experience has removed many geographical boundaries for a large variety of industries, and we are eager to take advantage of the technological advancements that have been made in recent years.

We believe that the only wrong questions are the ones that remain unasked, and we assure you that we will answer each of those questions with proactive solutions and advice. Our team values the chance to connect with our community, and as a result, we welcome a hybrid experience via both in-person appointments or appointments by phone or video conference. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please contact us using the information provided here and we can work out a way to meet and discuss each and every one of your financial needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Office:  608.540.5244