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Advisor Team

Eric Guth

Financial Advisor | LaCrosse, WI


Since 1988, I feel people have chosen to work with me because I have become a trusted resource for them by bringing clarity and resolve to their financial issues. I have access to companies and teams of specialists who provide...

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John Becker

Insurance Advisor | LaCrosse, WI


John Becker brings 29 years of experience and knowledge as an Insurance Advisor within the financial services industry. For almost three decades, John’s practice has focused on the retirement planning needs of pre and post retired seniors.

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Derek Dahl

Financial Advisor | Milwaukee, WI


Derek Dahl grew up in a small town in Northern, WI. He observed his grandfather, father, and uncle as they built a thriving family business. A business that exists to this day. After experiencing first-hand...

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Samuel Burkart

Financial Advisor | Milwaukee, WI


Sam was born and raised in the Fox Cities. Being a son of a passionate coach, Sam grew up on the basketball court where he learned the importance of servant leadership. As your financial coach Sam will guide you through the lifespan of...

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Daniel Stich

Investment Representative | Milwaukee, WI


Dan focuses in financial planning and has built a practice focused on working with small businesses, pre-retirement aged individuals, and medical professionals. He enjoys educating and presenting on all topics related to retirement planning

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Chip Bloch

Financial Advisor | Minneapolis, MN


Chip Bloch is a financial advisor based out of Mankato, MN, specializing in insurance, investment and income planning. Chip offers tailored solutions to his clients’ unique needs and goals.

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Dennis Beck

Insurance Advisor | Greenville, IN


Dennis has extensive experience over a span of 50 years in the financial services industry specializing in estate, financial, investment, and business planning. I have been married to Rowena for 52 years with 2 children and 5...
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Rich Reiser

Financial Advisor


If you know Rich Reiser, you know that he has a big heart.   A big heart for his family, his client’s, his community and his beloved Iowa Hawkeyes.  Rich joined the Futurity First MidWest Advisor team in...

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Sean F. Larson

Insurance Advisor


Sean Larson is a dedicated Insurance Advisor specializing in empowering the pre-retiree market and future generations.   With an unwavering commitment to guiding clients through the complexities of Medicare, Social Security...

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